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TIS (emperor's) is a worldwide focus on quality and security services, to provide professional innovative solutions for many industry. From the audit and inspection, to testing, quality assurance and certification, we are committed to products and processes to increase value for customers, promote customer success in the global market. In various markets around the world, we help local and multinational companies and organizations to ensure that their products and processes in accordance with industry standards and consumer demand for safety and quality, and fast speed and innovative products to meet market demand. Over the years, numerous enterprises to seek the aid of TIS, understand the laws and regulations standard, audit procedures and sustainability development management strategy. We with rich professional experience in technology and business, to help customers effectively cope with regulatory updates and market changes, so as to maximize business benefits. Our service content is extensive, covering product development, operations and production processes, marketing, supply chain management, safety, quality, and all of the links such as sustainable development.

Complete,professional and cost-effective solutions,you cantrust.


Solutions We Provide

Services We Provide

  • > Cars and Related Industry
  • > Wireless Communication
  • > Food Grade Material and Equipment
  • > Electrical Products
  • > Environment
  • > Consumer Goods
  • > Energy
  • > Medical Apparatus and Instruments


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Tel :086-0769-33339618   Fax: 086-0769-22029681

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